Approx. Saturday 3rd September
12:00 Opening
12:15 James Hollingworth
12:25 Ukulelemannen + 3 Dames
12:45 Hawaiian Novelty Duo
01:00 Opening Ceremony Torchulele Parade Speech
01:30 Östen med Resten
01:50 Ukulele Uff
02:20 Elvira Bira
02:30 Fällman’s Ukulele Orchestra
02:40 Nils Pils & Pär Bärs
03:00 Shigeto Takahashi
03:20 AIR MAIL BIG BAND + Ukulelemannen
04:00 World Record Attempt
05:00 ca     End

All Play when needed

Inroducer: Roger Westberg

Opening ceremony.
Representatives for all the world’s ukulele players  march around the ground and will be accompanied by the AIR MAIL BIG BAND playing the UKULELE HYMN. Arrangement by Alexander Freudenthal. Words can be found on the Swedish site.

In comes the runner from “Athens” who carries the burning uke, the “torchulele” and as soon as the torchulele is fastened on the Stadion: The games may start! After a short speech the ukulele games are inaugurated!

The performers continue entering the stage mixed with everthing that belongs to the UKULELESPELEN. Throwing small uke is not seen with acceptance though.

4:00 p.m.
When the Stadion ground has been boiling for at few hours we will have reached the moment of Guinness’ World Record Attempt.  All the ukulele players shall be counted according to the rules of Guinness. There are 8 running tracks around the Stadion and the participants,  8 in 6 ranks and with 2 bearing the banner (makes 50) will start marching into each pounds/corrals where a Guinness inspector seals the pound.

5:00 p.m.
Sadly enough the Ukulelespelen 2016 sooner or later must come to an end. If the world record attempt is fulfilled we close the gates at 5 o’clock.

ATTENTION. The schedule times might be changed. Follow us here.

Like on most festivals there will be food, coffee, soft drinks and there will also be musicshops showing there ukuleles and ukulele related products.