About the Ukulele Games

First page news in the local paper!

If members of the audience bring their ukes with them and join in for one tune, together we will become, The World’s Largest Ukulele Ensemble. After the Olympic Games in Rio, August 5-21, it just feels natural  that the Ukulele Games in Stockholm should take over. The most important thing is not to beat someone else, but to come together in joy and jest! Saturday, September 3, 2016!

Behind the Ukulele Games
The Swedish Ukulele Man has gathered together a task force to get this project off the ground. It is comprised of people with different roles, some are sounding boards. Some participated in the Ukulele festival on Långholmen in 2007, others are entirely new to our circle.

This summer, we will need plenty of volunteers to fill many roles: to help out at the gates on U-Day, to be performer-hosts, and as controllers/counters at the world record attempt. As U-Day approaches, you will be able to enlist as a volunteer.

An eggulele, a gift from Jens Ahlbom to the ukulele man.