About The Ukulele Man

Ukulelemannen Thomas Allander 1987

The Ukulele Man Thomas Allander 1987

The Ukulele Man’s real name is Thomas Allander. Since the beginning of the 80’s he has worked on spreading the ukulele even to the most distant part of our oblong country. The word ukulele was almost forgotten in daily language and about to be deleted in the Swedish dictionary SAUL (The Glossary of the Swedish Ucudemy). At least that is  what professor Ture Johannisson stated, in those days chairman of the Swedish Language Committee. Many people lived in ukulele shade. After having written ukulele tutorials, toured with his ukulele show, lifted the quality of imported instruments, got the Swedish Televison Company interested in recording tutorials ha can now notice a huge interest for this charming instrument. He means though, it is the charm of the ukulele itself that has the largest part in this progress and it is well deserved. It is the undemanding toy-looking look that makes everybody want to embrace the little one. A new homepage of the Ukulele Man Thomas Allander is  under construction. It is in Swedish, but you may peep.