Nils Pils & Pär Bärs

Ukulelespelen: Nils Pils & Pär Bärs, who are you?

Bandleader: – From the beginning we are part of a 40-man band, but we had a Robinson election and now we are we two. The other 38 are still keeping on.
Ukulelespelen: Where are you from?
Bandleader: – We are from Eslöv!
Ukulelespelen: How long have you been doing this?
Bandleader: – The record is two hours.
Ukulelespelen: What kind of songs do you play?
Bandleader: – Lots of songs we have written for other artists, as Carola Häggqvist and Michael Jackson, and which they have made known.
Ukulelespelen: How did you choose your instruments?
Bandleader: – From the start we both played the tuba and it went on rather smoothly as long as we played only march music and Spring Sacrifice, but when we got into the rock music we realized that singing and playing the tuba at the same time doesn’t flavor the singing. Nils Pils therefor offered himself to grab the ukulele, which is practical because you can carry it in the horn of the tuba. A kazoo and a mouth organ can also fit in, like the scene clothes a little bicycle.
Ukulelespelen: The scene clothes, yes! Are you doctors?
Bandleader: – No, more of butchers. We need airy clothes that protect us from eggs and overripe tomatoes.
Ukulelespelen: Thank you, now I think we do not have any more questions… Hope you will have a nice weather.
Bandleader: Thanks who is asking… We expect another kind of weather…