Thomas Allander’s Ukulele Tutorial on SVTPLAY

ThA Ukuleleskola

The entire TV series, Thomas Allanders Ukuleleskola, 1 hour and 30 minutes total , is available for viewing on SVTplay, ÖPPET ARKIV! Cool!

The Swedish Ukulele Man wants to match SVT’s  generosity, so  he invites you to download the original edition of his book, originally published in 1985. Now and then you can find a copy on or in an estate sale, but here you can download the whole  book for free pdf. Unfortunately, some parts may be copyrighted and not available online.                   

If you want to learn more, buy the considerably thicker follow-up program, ”Stora Ukuleleskolan med CD”, containing loads of fun songs and technique tips. All on the CD. It costs around 195 SEK. If you can’t find it in the music store, send an email to

and you will find it in your snail mail box for 149 SEK + 41 SEK freight =191 SEK. brevlådan för 149 kr + porto 42 kr = 191 kr. In 5-pack free freight.

It’s easy to learn to play the uke. For our world record song, you only need to learn three easy chords. Have a look at The Record Song.