Guinness conditions

An item of particular interest for participants is this: ”Guinness World Records (GWR) requires that minors must have written permission from their guardian to be counted in the record attempt.” Since we broke the Guinness record the last time, there has been this rule-change. We will get back to you about how the permission process can be as painless as possible.
1.2 If you or any of the people undertaking the Record Attempt are under 18
years of age or considered a minor in the jurisdiction of the Record Attempt,
you must have your parent or guardian read these Terms and agree on your
behalf that your Record Attempt is subject to these Terms. If you are
considered a minor in your jurisdiction at the time you read and accept this
document and your parent or legal guardian has not read and accepted this
document or the relevant jurisdiction does not recognise the validity of
documents signed by parents or legal guardians on behalf of minors, your Record Attempt will not be valid or recognized by GWR.