Workshops with Ukulele Uff on Sunday September 4

Workshop No. 1, Appropriations Techniques , at 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (break in the middle), is full!

Workshop No. 2, Melodyplay with chords, at 2 p.m – to 5 p.m. (break in the middle), there is a few places left.

Due to the great interest for the workshop we have decided to add an extra workshop with Appropriations Techniques in the evening.

Workshop No. 3, Appropriations Techniques, at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (break in the middle) is the same as No. 1.

Instructions are in English and the workshops is given in small groups, approx 8 persons. Register below.

Ukulele Uff på en av Englands många ukulelefestivaler

Ukulele Uff

Location: Central (Subway Ropsten) in Hjorthagen, Stockholm. Exact place will be communicated to participants later.

All materials are included. Some prior knowledge is desirable, but you do not need to be very experienced to enjoy the workshop.

Fee per workshop is : 550 SEK. Instructions for how to pay will be in the email notification following your registration. If unable to attend you have to find someone replacing you – If you do not succeed, but we find a replacement, we will refund 300 SEK.

Workshop 1 and 3 – Appropriations Techniques

The grant (usually the right hand) is fundamental to play the ukulele. The techniques taught in this workshop will help boost your playing. Appropriations split stroke, stroke fan, tremolo and scrape taught and even some finger-picking. A good knowledge of these techniques is not likely to be reached  during the workshop as they take time to master, but you will walk away with a better understanding of how they work and how to use them. If you already can play songs,  but want a little extra in order to practise – this is the workshop for you!

Workshop 2 – Game Melody with chords

In this workshop we will work with the song ‘Over the Rainbow’ from 1938, a favorite among many ukulele players.

We will see how the melody can be baked into chords simply by picking the right notes of the chord.

The techniques taught will help you take out many other songs that you like.

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