Ukulele went cluckulele

Here is your certificate (in Swedish). It sais you got the world record of being playing ukulele in pouring rain.

ukulele 5besk

Somebody up there had taken the lyrics litterally..

We beat at record but not the one that we meant to beat. We played in soaking rain. 574 ukulele players. It poured down! Just as the attempt had started.

Some said it was a voodo dance in Tahiti that sent the dark cloud. Sabotage.

Thank You all for your bravery during the attempt!
“the ukulele man” Thomas Allanderösregn-på-stockholm-stadion-3503312

Her some more of Lena Heiman’s wet photos.

ukulele 4 ukulele 2 ukulele 1 babylele claradel stadionbynight

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